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Fraud Brochure


The Crawford County Health Department has released a brochure as Fraud has become very common these days. 

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Water Quality Trading Plan


The Village of Soldiers Grove plans to utilize Water Quality Trading(WQT) for compliance with the final total phosphorus limit as provided in the Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination 4263a8788c76406e25fea0e0a0778a08WPDES) Permit #WI-0022241-10-0. The Wastewater Treatment Facility(WWTF) treated 0.0300 MGD with an average effluent Total Phosphorus(TP) concentration of 4.92 mg/L in 2023. The Village plans to install chemical addition for Total Phosphorus treatment at the WWTF and will offset remaining TP with WQT Credits to consistently meet the final annual six-month average limit of 0.1 mg/L and a monthly average limit of 0.3 mg/L. NRCS Streambank Erosion modeling methods were used to calculate the TP credits that will be generated from the streambank stabilization project. 

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